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IT solutions provider for mergers and acquisitions Migrate Mailboxes, Files, Sites, Groups, Archives, Teams, and more.
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Intune Migration

Cross Tenant Intune and Laptop Migration

Move your Ad registered laptops and Intune configuration and settings.

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The most complete platform to perform various migration from a SAAS interface

  • Google Migration
  • Microsoft Migration
  • Slack Migration
  • Microsoft Teams Migration
  • Box and DropBox Migration

Move your mails, drives, sites, slack and Teams channels, your intune configuration, your laptops between tenants, and much more.

Migration solutions
Enterprise Coexistence

Enterprise Coexistence

Let your users on different remote systems to collaborate seamlessly.

Query the availability (Freebusy) of any user.
Synchronize the address books
Move SMTP domains between tenants without downtime

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Saas Platform

Nothing to install


Secured datacenters
ISO 27 001 (ongoing)
Microsoft SSPA Certified

Advanced requirements

Dedicated instances
Installation in your


A unique interface to
migrate any data from
any source


Cloud Migration And
Enterprise Coexistence

Nothing to install. Migrate securely from our SAAS platform, request a dedicated instance or evenly install the platform in your Azure tenant for more advanced security needs.
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Slack Migration

Slack Migration

Try the most powerful migration platform to migrate your Slack Content to Microsoft Teams.

Cross Tenant Migration

Whether you are using the full Office 365 suite or any part of it, we offer a range of migration tools and coexistence solutions. SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Exchange, Office 365 Group, we have you covered.
Tenant to tenant Migration