Zimbra Migration
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Zimbra Migration

Looking for an alternative to Zimbra, time to move away and migrate your Zimbra infrastructure to Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace?

zimbra migration

Zimbra Migration with Cloudiway


  • Security, performance, nothing to install.
  • The benefits of the Cloudiway SAAS Platform
  • High speed Throughput
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Administrative level solution:

  • Migrate your users from a central interface

Self service mode:

  • You cannot create an administrator account that have access to all mailboxes? Let the users migrate themselves!
Zimbra Migration

Zimbra to Microsoft 365 Migration Tool

Your business requirements are becoming more complex and you need to move away from Zimbra. 

Easily migrate from Zimbra to Microsoft 365.

Zimbra to Microsoft 365 Migration

Zimbra to Google Workspace Migration Tool

Your are ready to move to Google Workspace and you’re looking for a solution to migrate your mailboxes from Zimbra to Google Workspace?

What’s migrated:

  • Mails
  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Secondary Calendars
  • Folders
  • Permissions
Zimbra Migration Solution

With Cloudiway’s Migration Platform, you can:

  • Migrate your mailboxes centrally
  • Let each user migrate himself
  • Define your migration batches
  • Migrate in parallal
  • Plan and run delta passes.
Migrate Zimbra

Asked Questions

Zimbra Migration is a product for copying  youre emails from one server or system to another. It’s often necessary when a company switches email platforms or needs to consolidate servers for cost-effectiveness, better performance, or improved user experience.

Email migration typically involves exporting the data from the source email system (The Zimbra server), converting it into a format compatible with the destination system (such as Google Workspace or Microsoft 365), and then importing it into the new system.

Zimbra migration can present challenges like data loss, downtime, compatibility issues, and the task of reconfiguring user settings. It requires careful planning and execution to minimize these potential issues.

Data security during migration can be ensured by using secure protocols, encrypting data during transmission, and choosing a trusted and reliable migration service.

The Zimbra Migration tool migrates emails, contacts, calendars, , folders are migrated

The duration of the zimbra migration depends on several factors including the amount of data to be migrated, the speed of the network, and the performance of the source and destination servers.

Yes, the migration is a copy of source content to target content. Access to the source is readonly, therefore it remains available and untouched during the migration.

The most important part is to setup the administrative account in Zimbra that has access to all mailboxes and configure the access to the zimbra administrative Soap apis.
Also, your company firewall needs to be configured to allow inbound connexion from the Cloudiway platform.

More information can be found in the migration guides.

You need to configure an account that has access to all mailboxes.

Then you need to configure your firewall to let the Cloudiway platform access your Zimbra server.

Once done, configure the Cloudiway platform to migrate the mailboxes. 

More information can be found in the admin guides.

Downtime can be minimized by careful planning, performing a test migration beforehand, or scheduling the migration during off-peak hours.

No, Cloudiway requires a readonly access and does not make any modification or deletions to the source content.

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